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Do You Need An Oklahoma
Journeyman Electrician License?
An Oklahoma Contractors License?

OKLAHOMA adopted a new test in July, 2005, a test offered by PSI, a national testing company. PSI's test is similar to the test Oklahoma used previously. It is made up of questions and calculation problems covered in the NE Code 2020, for the most part, with some questions and problems from the OHM'S LAW formulas. The "shop" portion of the test has been eliminated, replaced with some wiring diagram problems. Effective in the fall of 2005, computers are used in the testing. The computer program used is "user friendly." Instead of blacking-out the space between two lines, you press a key on the computer keyboard to select your answer. You can get an "unofficial" score a few minutes after testing. The "unofficial" score will usually be correct.

We have revised our Oklahoma Test Prep Course to include subjects covered by PSI's tests. We are trying to cover every section of the NE Code that PSI asks questions about. We rely on our students to bring information about any subject they find on their test, if any, that was not covered in our course. Our research into the Business portion of the test has produced some good test results. Most of our "Future Contractors" are passing, the first time.

Our next on-line ZOOM course begins June 18, 2024.
Starting Dates For The Remainder Of 2024
August 6,  September 17,  November 5
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Our Course Includes...

  • Every type of calculation problem used on the test
  • Use of the calculator for quick and easy problem solving
  • All applicable sections of the NE Code
  • NE Code rules and exceptions, and when to use exceptions
  • Use of the NE Code tables